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Active Company Tagging Compliance By MCA To Be Followed By Companies Formed Before 31st Dec 2017

There has been a very important update from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs vide new Companies (Incorporation) Amendment Rules 2019 dated 21st February, 2019: Pursuant to which, every company incorporated on or before the 31st December, 2017 shall file the particulars of the company and its registered office, in e-Form ACTIVE (Active Company Tagging Identities and Verification) (eform 22A) on or before 25.04.2019.
Following companies would not be able to file said form with the Registrar of Companies (ROC):
  • Company whose annual filing is pending with the Registrar of Companies shall be restricted to file this form.
  • The companies which have been struck off or are under the process of striking off or under liquidation or amalgamated or dissolved, shall not be required to file said form.   
Details required in the form:
1. Company Details:
  • Name &  Reg. Office
  • Latitude & Longitude (RO)
  • Email id of the company for OTP verification
  • No. of Directors with DIN (Disqualified; Non-KYC DIN cannot be entered)
2. Statutory & Cost Auditor Details:   
  • Name, PAN
  • Membership, FRN
  • Period of Appointment
3. SRN of e-form AOC-4 & MGT-7 (ROC annual filing forms) for FY 2017-18.
4. Attachment: Photograph of Registered office showing external building and inside premises also showing therein atleast one director/KMP who has affixed his/her Digital Signature to the form.
5. Professional’s certification is required in the form.   
Repercussions of non-filing:
  1. Late filing fees (after 25.04.2019): INR 10,000/-
  2. Status of company will be changed as “Active-Non Compliant”.
  3. Barred of filing various eforms with the ROC.
  4. ROC may remove name of the company from its record.
  5. The requisite form is yet to deployed on the website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.     
Click here to view extract of amendment rule from the MCA  for your kind reference. Hope you will find it useful