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Employer of Record (EOR) Services

Employer of Record (EOR) Solution in India: Rapid and Compliant Market Entry

India has always been an attractive destination for foreign businesses due to its potential for growth and the availability of skilled workers at competitive rates. This appeal is especially beneficial for startups and companies facing a shortage of resources or looking for a global workforce. EOR helps companies hire skilled personnel without establishing a legal entity initially, offering a practical way to test the market's viability before full commitment. Navigating labor laws is crucial to avoid legal complexities in this process. Opting for a local partner in India who provides Employer of Record (EOR) services proves advantageous, as they can efficiently handle administrative functions like HR. This arrangement enables foreign companies to concentrate on their core business operations. Our role as a trusted partner has assisted numerous companies in navigating these complexities, facilitating their hiring in India without worrying about any local compliance.

How does Employer of Record Work?

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How does an EOR help

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  • Efficient Onboarding and Exit Formalities
    • Swift talent integration within 48 hours.
    • Expert handling of paperwork, compliance, and logistics during exits.
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  • Timely and Accurate Payments

    Global payroll capabilities for accurate and timely payments, reducing errors and enhancing financial compliance.

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  • Workforce Management

    Leverage our proprietary platform for centralized management and payment across multiple countries.

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  • Around-the-Clock Support

    Immediate support available around-the-clock,bridging time zones for uninterrupted global operations.

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  • Tailored Employment Contracts

    Creation and management of customized employment agreements aligned with local labor laws.

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  • Local Compliance and Tax Filing

    Navigating labor laws, mitigating regulatoryand tax compliance risks, and staying synced with evolving legal requirements.

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  • Mobility Support

    Immigration support services ensuring a smooth transition for your workforce, regardless of location.

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  • Manage Benefits for Your Resources

    Access statutory and health benefits for your global teams, ensuring comprehensive support.

Benefits Of EOR Services

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Global Talent, No Entity Setup

Enjoy the freedon to hire talent worldwide without tha hassle of establishing a legal entity in each country.

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Cost Advantage

Save upto 50% of your cost by choosing PEO over entity setup and the costs associated with managing it.

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Swift Market Entry

Test the water before you decide to establish a local presence, ensuring a swift and complaint market entry.

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Risk Mitigation

Minimize your organization's risks as coompliance responsibilities rest with the service provider, ensuring peace of mind for foreign entities.

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