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Global PEO Services

India has always been an attractive FDI Location for foreign businesses. The country provides opportunities to expand business and to hire skilled workforce at competitive price. The option of hiring only skilled workforce is also lucrative for the startups that initially want to minimise their liabilities in India (a new geography) before finally establishing a legal entity. Such companies want to test waters and are looking for limited workforce to check viability of the operations. However, any challenge related to Labour Laws must be tackled to avoid any legal complexities. A local partner in India can provide comprehensive PEO services and handle administrative functions like HR, while foreign companies focus on managing their core business.

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or International PEO is a company that acts on behalf of other companies provides Global PEO Services and takes care of administrative tasks related to hiring of an employee. The PEO provides a host of services from drafting of employment contracts through managing employee's expenses to taking care of exit formalities

We have been working as a trusted partner with many companies enabling them to hire without a local entity in India to access markets rapidly and compliantly.

Our Global PEO services include:

  • Finding Right Fit for your Business
  • Employment Contracts in India
  • Employees on-boarding
  • Expense and Payroll Management
  • Labour Law Compliance
  • Tax Filing on Behalf of Employees

How does this benefit our clients:

  • Fastest way to test waters in the market and get the entry without establishing a foreign legal entity in India.
  • This route saves foreign companies major cost on setting up business and managing expenses
  • The foreign entity can minimise risks as the responsibility of compliance lie with the service provider


Why should we hire you?

Foreign entities reap direct benefits from partnering with PEO. You may want to consider this option in case: 

  • You do not want to set up a legal entity 
  • You are facing finance constrains that is restricting global expansion
  • International headcount is less than 20
  • You have tight deadline for hiring and you need to start operations in new market quickly

What does an Employment contract include?

Our employment contract includes:

  • Standard terms and conditions for work
  • Working hours details
  • Details of Salary and Bonus
  • Onboarding date
  • Holiday list: Paid holiday, Sick leaves, Maternity leaves

In addition to this we also handle negotiation on various allowances that an employee gets in India. Furthermore, we can also manage severance package.

Why should we pay you rather than paying an employee directly?

If and employee works exclusively for you then he/she can not be considered as a true consultant. The lack of clarity of status may attract heavy penalties. Working with a PEO ensures that the hiring of an employee is fully compliant

Will you deduct taxes from the employee's salary and will you also take care of required contributions in-country?

Yes, we transfer salary to an employee after deducting the applicable taxes. In addition to this our experts maintain complete log of the information on the payment schemes in the country and the invoices are calculated based on the salary due to an employee.

What is the financial liability in case we end the contract term with an employee before the due date?

We do not charge when you decide to terminate an employee. You may serve one month's notice. We will take care of all the formalities and ensure that off-boarding is done in a compliant manner