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UK Corporate Tax Return

Outsourcing of Tax  Return Preparation for Corporates in UK

According to a survey of IRIS Software customers, many UK based accounting firms are now outsourcing tax return preparation work to India. This allows them to scale up or down the services according to busy and slow periods. We are preparing tax return for a number of are clients in the UK and providing them with below services:

  • Computation of tax liability based on income of the company.
  • Calculation of corporation tax relief.
  • Profit apportionment over financial year.
  • Preparation of CT600 including CT600A, CT600B and CT600C.
  • Reviewing the carrying losses forward or back.
  • Reviewing the transaction between associated entities to ascertain the applicability of the transfer pricing legislation.
  • Reviewing the books of accounts and checking the transaction entered by the company during the accounting period.
  • Analyzing periodic amendments and budgetary amendments in Corporate Tax Act, 2010 and intimating the impact of the new amendments on filing of returns.
  • Computation of S455 based on the transaction between the directors and the company.
  • Reviewing the corporate tax payments and ensuring the payments are made before the deadlines.

Software used by us: CCH Software, IRIS Software Ltd, Sage (UK) Ltd, Thomson Reuters

Security of Information

As we are providing outsourcing services to a number of clients in UK and USA, we are well aware of the security norms therefore we ensure:

  • Use of secure data server and cloud software
  • Scanning of Tax documents into a secure FTP portal

In addition to this we can provide referral of our clients who have been using are services and have been kind to share testimonial of the work done for them.