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Manufacturing set-up in India

Manufacturing in India is fast becoming an imperative, not a choice, for international companies. The benefits of a local production / assembly in India are not limited to lower costs, better prices and reduced lead time to the customers. It also gives your customers the confidence of your long-term commitment to India in serving their needs. That said, setting up a manufacturing or assembly facility in India is fraught with challenges, most of which have no parallel elsewhere. You need an experienced partner to manage your Project as a Program, coordinating your way through the maze of licenses, approvals, contractors, vendors, procurement, quality of construction, timely completion, and honest financial management. AKM Global takes the pain out of total Project Management by coordinating, reporting and auditing the Project - from Project feasibility to final execution.

Manufacturing set-up in India

Greenfield / Brownfield Manufacturing set-up in India


  • Location Feasibility Analysis – Both Macro and Micro Analysis
  • Industrial Land / Building / Shed Search

Establishment and Pre-Construction

  • Acquisition of Industrial Land, Building / Shed
  • Detailed Project Planning
  • Selection of Architect, various Contractors, Project Management Consultant, Vendors, etc.
  • Preparation of the Tender
  • Registrations, Licenses and Approvals to Start Construction


Complete Project Management

  • Monitoring of Construction
  • Financial Management – Accounting, Procurement, Funds, Tax and other compliances

Post Construction

  • Project Completion and Handing Over
  • Registrations, Licenses and Approvals to start Production
  • Project Audit