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PE Risk Advisory

In today’s dynamic business world, where companies operate beyond borders, understanding and managing Permanent Establishment (PE) risks have become significant for a company. In its general sense, PE refers to a taxable presence that a business establishes in a foreign jurisdiction, subjecting it to local taxes on the profits of the entity.

What is a Permanent Establishment (PE)?

Permanent Establishment, often abbreviated as PE, is a concept in international taxation that determines when a business operating in one country may be subject to taxation in another. PE refers to a fixed place of business through which an enterprise carries out all or part of its business activities. Business profits of any entity can only be taxed in India if it leads to the creation of PE in India, therefore PE is considered to be pivotal, and to decide whether PE will be considered in India is based on facts and various judgments of the courts.

Types of Permanent Establishment:

Understanding the types of PE is crucial for businesses engaged in cross-border activities. Types of PE can include but are not limited to:

  • Fixed Place PE: Arises when a business has a physical location in another country, like an office, branch, or factory.
  • Service PE: A Service PE of a foreign entity would get attracted if services are performed in India by the foreign employees for more than a specified period of time.
  • Agency PE: Emerges when a person or entity in a foreign country acts as agent on behalf of a business, leading to a PE formation.
  • Construction PE: Occurs during construction projects that last for a specified period, creating a temporary but taxable presence.
  • Supervisory PE: Arises when a non-resident company has personnel or individuals present in a country to oversee or supervise activities being conducted on behalf of the company in that country.
  • Subsidiary PE: For the subsidiary to be considered a PE, it must engage in activities through which the business of the parent company is conducted, as interpreted under other PE clauses.

Effects of Permanent Establishment:

In case where PE of a foreign entity arises in India, then such entity will be subject to tax at a flat rate of 40% (plus applicable surcharge and cess) on its profits attributable to India. However, the effects of PE go beyond mere taxation. They impact a business's compliance requirements, financial reporting, and overall strategic planning. Non-compliance with PE regulations can lead to legal implications and financial penalties, making it imperative for businesses to conduct a thorough PE analysis.

With respect to the Permanent Establishment Exposure of foreign entities in India, AKM Global assists in examining the transaction and risk of PE along with compliances if any. Our services in relation to the risk of Permanent Establishment are as follows:

PE Determination and Structure Planning

  • Conducting a comprehensive analysis of the organizational structure and business activities within India, including an examination of transaction flows for the foreign entity.
  • Undertaking a detailed examination to determine the presence of a PE in connection with business activities in India, adhering to relevant laws and regulations.
  • Scrutinizing the provisions outlined in applicable tax treaties to assess PE implications, taking into consideration the impact of Multilateral Instruments if applicable.
  • Offering support in crafting tax-efficient structures aimed at minimizing PE-related risks while optimizing overall business operations in the Indian market.
  • Formulating strategies to align business practices with PE regulations, thereby mitigating potential tax liabilities.
  • Providing regular updates on judicial controversies related to PE to ensure clients are informed about pertinent developments.
  • Extending assistance in litigation and dispute matters with tax authorities in India, ensuring a strategic and comprehensive approach to resolution.

Compliance and Documentation

  • Providing support in meeting compliance and documentation obligations in India pertaining to the PE risk associated with the foreign entity.
  • Aiding in the preparation and submission of requisite declarations and documentation as mandated by Indian laws and regulations.
  • Our specialized team of experts is committed to guiding clients through the intricate landscape of PE, delivering customized solutions that address individual requirements and ensure strict adherence to Indian tax laws.


In the intricate world of international taxation, understanding and managing Permanent Establishment risks is essential for sustainable global growth. AKM Global helps in conducting PE analysis services that can help your business navigate complexities, ensure compliance, and foster success in the global marketplace.

Contact us today and let AKM Global be your guiding force in effective Permanent Establishment Risk Advisory.