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Internship (Article-ship Program)

Internship Program is an integral part of the curriculum and professional development of Chartered Accountants. The shortlisted candidates at AKM Global start with a three year rigorous training program which is instrumental in shaping their career. This program provides a practical exposure to the trainees who acquire on-the-job work experience. From handling compliances, to tax research, international tax issues, auditing to transfer pricing assignments, trainees get a taste of different projects and accordingly choose the field they would like to gain expertise in.


Internship Program- Ashok Maheshwary & Associates LLP

The firm’s program is built to challenge the trainees at the base level so they have a good command in the field they choose. The grilling transforms the articles completely from being beginners in the profession layman to being thorough professionals. 

The firm thrives on working hard however; it also ensures that there are ample of opportunities for the interns to enjoy themselves in the process. Apart from exploring their skills by working on a wide variety of projects, the trainees also get a chance to take active part in research and writing papers directly with the partners. 

Handling pressure comes to them quite easily with work-study routine. From meeting deadlines to handling clients directly, they are taught to work in team and also given an equal chance to show their individual talent. The aim of the program is to supplement their practical study.  The work culture at the firm is conducive for the overall growth of the interns. We welcome hardworking and focused people who aim to do big in their life. We walk an extra mile to reach our goals and if you think, you are a go getter and have long-term goals, please write to