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Market Research & Pre-Business Setup Advisory

Market Research and Pre-Business Setup Advisory

Every business considering business expansion in new territories ought to have a fair knowledge of and consequentially must conduct research and a feasibility study before investing in a new geography. The custom norms, tax incentives, government policies at both central and state levels, and any special economic zone benefits play a key role in calculating the cost of setting up a new business and business viability. A deep understanding of the market trends becomes another mandate prior to any investments toward such expansion.

We hold over 15 years of experience in getting new businesses to enter India. Our assistance to such businesses has ranged from advising them on the most efficient tax structure that can be adopted, and the most favorable territories for setting up shop, to providing them with an in-depth report on the incentives and government schemes available in different states. Our subject matter experts, along with the tax specialists, have been successfully helping our clients in the following ways:

Business Feasibility - Study & Research: Analysis of market trends in that particular territory is the primary concern of a business and a reliable report on the same becomes pivotal. Our team conducts rigorous research to analyze the prevailing market situation and trends. Based on the analysis, they also prepare future trends. In addition, we also do benchmarking, considering the tax and regulatory aspects, to ensure the businesses can thrive and mitigate risks by having a robust plan right from the start.

Business Plan Support: An idea is essential, but execution plays a vital role in expanding a business. Our team has rich experience in drafting reports and making business models which not only focus on the commercial viability of a business but also consider potential challenges that may need attention in the present or the possible future.

Incorporating an Entity: Companies that look for expansion in India also need to evaluate the structure of their business entity to be set up and what type of entity would work best for their business operations—setting up a subsidiary, a liaison office, a branch office, or a project office. It is imperative to understand the critical aspects of every structure from tax and regulatory points of view. The motive is to align the entity structure with the business model of the company. Our team not only helps in finding the right structure but also helps in the entire incorporation process.

Location Search, Planning, and Setting up: We do an evaluation of locations and consider critical aspects such as government schemes, supply chain robustness, infrastructure, and tax incentives available in a particular state. We also help with customs queries.

Procurement of relevant state and central licenses:

We have very experienced professionals who help our clients in informing the clients and gaining all the required licenses and permits for operating their businesses in India. This ensures a seamless initiation of business.

Incentives: Companies often look for tax and regulatory benefits and incentives to ensure that they get most out of the concessions and schemes offered by the Government of India. These schemes extend to relaxations of various compliances at different stages of the business as well, and we provide aid to our clients in keeping them well-informed and procuring these benefits for them.

Talent acquisition and onboarding: With a well-established practice spanning many years and a deep-rooted market presence under our belt, we have built a strong and well-knit ecosystem with various other firms and consultancies and have assisted our clients in finding and further connecting to the best resources for talent acquisition and onboarding, post setting up of their business.