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05 Mar 2021

Tax dept's residency circular of not much help to NRIs

The recent circular on residency status does not provide any relief to NRIs stranded in India due to Covid-19, feel experts.

04 Mar 2021

Big Tech firms see tax windfall after Supreme Court ruling on Microsoft

Google, Facebook and Amazon could claim hundreds of crores in refunds from the Indian government

03 Mar 2021

SC backs taxpayers in software royalty case

The judgment, which involved approximately ?500 crore in tax revenue,

17 Feb 2021

Crypto investors may switch to peer-to-peer transfer in case of ban

Cryptocurrency investors may take to peer-to-peer transfer method to dispose of or to continue holding on to their crypto assets in case the government goes ahead with the plan to ban such virtual money.

15 Feb 2021

Confusion persists on how new TDS rules will be implemented

Tax?department?should?come up with a platform that can help deductors comply with new provisions

09 Feb 2021

Tax on PF interest will change the way we invest in it: How the Budget hits your PF

The proposed tax on Provident Fund interest has come like a bolt from the blue for high-income earners and HNIs who squirrel away

08 Feb 2021

Are there any tax implications if I buy shares within a week of selling them?

If I sell shares of Company A at a profit of Rs 1,80,000 and of Company B at a loss of Rs 50,000 (both long term), I understand that in this case, I need to pay LTCG tax on Rs 30,000 (amount above Rs 1 lakh). Suppose I buy these two shares back again within a week, will there be any additional tax implications?

06 Feb 2021

Budget 2021: Here's how senior citizens can avail exemption in ITR filing

Budget 2021 proposed to exempt senior citizens above 75 years of age from the requirement of filing an income tax return (ITR) if the full amount of tax payable has been deducted by the paying bank.

04 Feb 2021

Filing returns to be less taxing

In a budget that has proved disappointing for many taxpayers, especially those who were hit hard by the covid-19 pandemic

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