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Indian Union Budget 2023

03 Feb 2023

Union Budget 2023 has set the standards of fiscal prudence maintained by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. It would be prudent to say that our finance minister has managed to deliver the balanced Union Budget despite the fact that a lot was riding on her shoulders due to a huge fiscal deficit and persistent global pressure. 

Abridgement of the new Labour codes

12 Oct 2022 The labour laws enacted in India have been exhaustive, and it is a tough task to keep a track of all the provisions enlisted therein. Be it an employer of an organization or an employee working for any such organization, having a complete picture of the labour laws is tedious. On top of that, it is difficult to do a comprehensive study and keep up with the compliances of each ...

Compendium on ESOPs and their Cross Border Issues

24 Aug 2022

Employee Stock Options have taken shape as a strong tool when it comes to attracting new talent, incentivizing and/ or retaining employees, as well as fetching the most possible output from an employee of the company. The goal is to motivate an employee holding the company’s ESOPs to attach a sense of personal growth along with the growth of the company, thereby working towards the same with a more constructive and result-oriented mindset. 

Tax and Regulatory Overview of Several Funds in India

26 May 2022 Investment funds can either be an ...

Indian Union Budget 2022 Synopsis

01 Feb 2022

Union Budget 2022 was announced by the FM on Feb 1st. The govt. has rightly prioritized growth & inclusion in  that ticks all the right boxes to push India towards a 5Tn USD economy. Click below  to view the highlights prepared by AKM Global.

Research Paper on Crypto Currencies in India

14 Jan 2022

India is one of the top countries with crypto investors. We have prepared a complete set as a research paper from the start to the present (Jan’2022) on Crypto Currencies considering aspects including Global developments, Blockchain, GST & Income-tax Act.