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Joint Venture

Joint Venture

Joint Venture (JV) refers to the formation of a new company by 2 or more partners who join hands for a common objective.

Setting up of operations through a Joint Venture may provide the following advantages to a foreign investor:

  • Already established distribution / marketing set up of the Indian partner.
  • Available financial resources of the Indian partner.
  • Already established contacts of the Indian partners that help ease the process of setting up operations.
  • Getting entry into sectors which don’t allow exclusive ownership by foreign investors

Our experienced team of MBAs, Chartered Accountants (CAs/CPAs), Company Secretaries (CS), Lawyers and economist, help our clients through the entire life cycle of setting up a Joint Venture in India.

We help in the following activities:

  • Identification of Indian Partner for a Joint Venture
  • Negotiation with the prospective Joint Venture Partner
  • Structuring of the investment of foreign investors in the JV
  • Drafting and negotiation of the JV agreement
  • Getting regulatory approvals for Joint Venture
  • Closing of the deal
  • Setting up of the Joint Venture entity
  • Assistance in all compliances related to Foreign Exchange Regulations, Company Law and tax laws to successfully close all related set up related compliance