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Dirty Dozen Tax Scam

Dirty Dozen

The Dirty Dozen represents the worst of the worst tax Scams.
It typically refers to the annual list of the top tax scams identified by Internal Revenue Services (IRS) in the United States. Because of all the scams which is taking place during Tax Filing IRS wanted to spread awareness among all the Taxpayers and be aware with all scams by releasing there lists of Scams .

These scams can occurs in various forms that could be identify theft, phishing schemes, fraudulent tax payers, fake charities and many more.

Tax payers have to keep this in mind and be more vigilant and cautious especially during Tax season.

Reasons of Dirty Dozen tax Scams:

  1. Technological sophistication
  2. Complexity of Tax system.
  3. Lack of Awareness and education
  4. Human vulnerabilities
  5. Financial incentives for perpetrators

However Dirty Dozen tax scams underscores the importance of awareness and education in protecting all taxpayers from the fraud schemes.

Biggest Scam reported by IRS


Social media: Not the ideal place for solid tax advice

Social media can connect people and information from all over the globe. Unfortunately, sometimes people provide bad advice that can lure good taxpayers into trouble.

The IRS warns taxpayers to be wary of trusting internet advice, whether it's a fraudulent tactic promoted by scammers or it's a patently false tax-related scheme trending across popular social media platforms.

Form W-2 Scam 

Fraudulent form W-2 is the biggest scam scheme on social media which encourages people to use tax software to manually fill out the form which includes false income information.

 W-2 schemes scam suggest people make up large income and withholding figures, as well as the employer its coming from.


Two other variations of the W-2 scheme 

There are two other variations of the W-2 scheme. Both involve misusing Form W-2 wage information in hopes of generating a larger refund.

Fraudulent Form 7202:

This scheme involves encouraging people to use this form for credit for sick leave and family leave to claim a credit based on income earned.

Fraudulent Schedule H:

This scheme encourages people to invent fictional household employees to claim refund based on False Sick land family medical leave.

Report Fraud

As a part of Dirty Dozen awareness effort, IRS requests people to report individuals who promote improper and abusive tax schemes.

You can directly mail by referring following address.

Internal Revenue Service Lead Development Center

Stop MS5040

24000 Avila Road

Laguna Niguel, CA 92677-3405

Fax: 877-477-9135