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What is Annual Information Statement (AIS) Income tax?

Meaning of Annual Information Statement (AIS)

The AIS is a statement that consist of all the financial transactions for a given financial year in a detailed manner. It is a mechanism which enables the taxpayers to be well apprised of the information that the income-tax department possesses about them. 


Different types of Information shown in AIS

The information is displayed in two parts:

  • Part A contains general information. It includes name of the Assessee, PAN, Aadhar Number, Date of Birth(individuals)/incorporation(others), Mobile No, E-mail address, Address.
  • Part B contains various information like:
    • Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)/Tax Collected at Source (TCS) Information: It includes information related to tax deducted or collected at source on different sources of income earned during the financial year. It also displays the type of income, information source, name of the entity which made the payment, and its Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN).
    • Specified Financial Transaction (SFT) Information: Entities like Banks, mutual funds, Companies, etc submit information to the Income-tax authorities related to specified transactions undertaken by taxpayers during the financial year. Specified transactions include the Buyback of shares from any person, the Purchase or sale of immovable property, etc. These transactions are linked to the taxpayer’s PAN and collated by tax authorities in AIS.
    • Payment of Taxes: It contains details about the advance tax and self-assessment tax paid, if any.
    • Demand and Refund: AIS also contains a summary of any demand raised or refund issued by Income-tax department.
    • Other Information: It contains information like interest on income-tax refund, Outward foreign remittances, purchase of foreign currency, etc.

Steps to view AIS on Income tax portal

  • Login to the Income-tax portal by clicking on the link

  • Click on “Annual Information Statement (AIS)” under “Services” tab from the e-filing portal.

  • Click on proceed, it will redirect you to the AIS homepage on Compliance portal.


In AIS homepage 2 tabs are shown:

  • Instructions: It contains instructions for functionalities related to Annual Information Statement (AIS) and Taxpayer Information Summary (TIS).
  • AIS: Main page of AIS where we can view and download AIS/TIS.


  • Click on AIS tab. Two options, AIS and TIS will be shown. If taxpayer wants to check summary of AIS, then select TIS. Also, select the relevant financial year whose AIS and TIS is required to be downloaded.


  • AIS or TIS can be downloaded by clicking on download option. AIS can be downloaded in PDF, JSON and CSV formats and TIS can be downloaded in PDF format only.


  • PDF file of AIS and TIS is protected, it can be opened by entering PAN (in lower case) and Date of Birth in case of individual taxpayer or Date of Incorporation/formation in case of non-individual taxpayers.


Difference between Form 26AS and AIS:

AIS is a detailed version of Form 26AS. In contains all the information displayed in form 26AS as well as some additional information. Form 26 AS displays details of properties purchased, high-value investments, and TDS/TCS transactions carried out during the financial year. AIS additionally includes mutual fund transactions, securities transactions, foreign remittances, interest on savings account, sale and purchase of securities, etc. It also provides the taxpayer the option to give feedback on the transactions reported. After considering the feedback received from taxpayer it shows both reported value and modified value.

In case there is variation between the information shown in form 26AS and AIS then taxpayer can rely on the information reflected in Form 26AS for Income tax return filing purpose.